The Testin Agenda

  • Ensure hard-working taxpayers keep more of their paychecks.
  • Empower school districts to make decisions at a local level to train a young workforce.
  • Eliminate job-killing rules and regulations to bring new opportunities to Wisconsin.

Building Strong Communities
We’re blessed to live in such a diverse district that contributes to the state’s economy in agriculture, industry, and commerce. Our homegrown businesses are often run by families who employ their friends and neighbors. We’re going to be sure everyone keeps more of their paychecks and reward hard work with prosperity, not higher taxes. You work hard for your paycheck and you should decide how to spend it.

Modern Rules for a Modern Economy
We need to remove burdensome red tape and regulations to make it easier to work and do business in our communities. There are nearly 12,000 pages of administrative code that include 100-year-old rules and regulations. It’s time to put in place smart, balanced, and prudent rules that encourage entrepreneurship, protect small businesses, and develop a robust agriculture and manufacturing economy.

Preparing a Young Workforce
Immediate and decisive action must be taken to reform Wisconsin’s education system to close the skills gap and fill the more than 70,000 job openings across the state. Decisions about education should be made by those closest to students: parents and teachers. By empowering school districts to make those decisions at a local level, students receive individualized attention and foster unique talents, especially in STEM fields, where we need a well-trained, young workforce to tackle 21st century challenges.

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Schools should offer opportunities for students to practice the skills they’ve learned in the classroom. By encouraging partnerships between schools and local businesses, students will have access to real-world working environments and adequately prepare them to enter the job market. In addition to transforming education practices, we need to alleviate financial burdens for future graduates by providing funding for high schools that offer college credit programs. By earning their degrees sooner, students won’t have to rely so heavily on student loans and graduate more quickly with practical degrees.

Defending Our Values
Patrick is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun conservative who will empower families make the important decisions, not the government.

Caring for Veterans
The more we learn about abuses of veterans at the VA in Tomah and across the Veterans Affairs administration, the more we need to redouble efforts to care for those who have served. From providing education to those returning from service to providing for those suffering physical and emotional trauma, we need leadership to direct public and private resources toward funding sustainable care programs for our veterans.

Similarly, we need to incentivize businesses to hire veterans. Our servicemen and women have gained skills such as discipline, responsibility, and diligence through their service to this country – all of which are transferable to the workplace. We need to make it easier for them to find work once they return to civilian life.