Patrick's Priorities

  • Modernizing health care and making it more affordable for Wisconsin
  • Creating an environment for good jobs and a strong economy for you and your family
  • Fostering prosperity and growth by cutting taxes and red tape
  • Protecting your 2nd Amendment rights to protect yourself and your family

Ensuring Access to High Quality, Affordable Health Care and Empowering Patients

As Chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, Patrick has worked to improve access to rural health care by creating grants used by small town hospitals and clinics to train front line medical professionals like physician assistants, radiographers, and advanced practice nurses. He worked with Rep. Nancy VanderMeer (Tomah) to make Wisconsin’s participation in the Physician Licensure Compact permanent, authored bills to combat the opioid crisis, and helped foster increased access to telemedicine. Patrick has also worked to give patients more say in their health care. He supported reforms in STEP therapy that put patient’s needs first and co-authored a bi-partisan medical cannabis bill to make this a treatment decision between a person and their doctor. Moving forward, Patrick wants to continue exploring ways to reduce health care costs, increase the size of our health care workforce, and increase transparency.

Growing a 21st Century Workforce

Patrick believes in the dignity of all work and in helping young people turn their passions into careers. He has worked to increase support for youth apprenticeship grants, and has voted to increase funding for Wisconsin’s Technical College System. Patrick continues to work in sales, and one day each month, he works with a local business to showcase the fact that people don’t need to leave rural Wisconsin to find meaningful opportunities. Senator Testin wants to introduce legislation to increase rural economic development and ensure access to workforce housing.

Supporting Wisconsin’s Farmers

Farming is a way of life, and it’s one of the leading sources of employment in Central and Western Wisconsin. Patrick led the charge to reintroduce hemp farming to Wisconsin, giving farmers another crop with which to diversify. He also authored and passed bills whose implementation will help stop the spread of potato blight, and was an author of the proposal to create a dairy innovation hub that will hopefully lead to new products and markets for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers. Similarly, he has authored legislation that would increase support for the marketing boards for cranberries and potatoes and vegetables.

Investing in Education

Patrick believes in investing in the future and making sure that educational dollars end up in the classroom -that’s why he’s voted for the two largest increases in K-12 funding in Wisconsin history. He also believes in strengthening the UW System and our Technical Colleges. He has introduced legislation to support the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology at UW-Stevens Point, and continues to pursue funding for the establishment and growth of an innovation center at UW-Stevens Point that would position the university as a leader in research into hemp fiber applications.

Protecting Taxpayers

We work hard for our money – and Patrick believes that we deserve to keep more of it. He has voted to cut taxes for middle class families because he understands that we can’t afford to keep sending our money to Madison. He continues to advocate for lower property taxes so that young families can afford to buy a house and seniors can remain in the homes that they’ve built.

Defending Our Values

Patrick understands that individuals have every right to defend themselves, and the answer to violence isn’t to punish those who follow the law. He supports our second amendment rights and stands against constitutionally questionable red flag laws and in favor of your right to carry. Patrick is 100% pro-life, and authored the bill to put an end to the practice of discriminatory abortion – abortions performed on the basis of disability, gender, or race.

Caring for Our Veterans

Veterans often leave the service with scars – some are visible, while others are not. The veteran suicide rate is 1.5 x greater than that of the general population, and that’s an issue Patrick is addressing. He authored the bill that created the “Green Alert” which uses the power of communities to help find missing at-risk veterans. In addition, he authored the Wisconsin Veterans Farm Bill of 2017, which created a veteran farmer program at DATCP to help veterans transition into agriculture. Also among the bills that he authored and worked to pass is one that guarantees that Wisconsin National Guard soldiers injured while in state service will continue to receive pay. He earned the VFW Dept. of Wisconsin’s Legislator of the year award in 2018, and will continue looking for ways to serve veterans moving forward.

Safeguarding Our Water

Water is a precious resource, and Patrick is dedicated to making sure people have safe, plentiful drinking water. He lobbied to ensure the Senate’s inclusion on the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality, and served as a member. Through that task force, he authored four bi-partisan pieces of legislation that would help clean polluted wells, further the study of water quality at UW-SP, help replace failing septic systems, and hire more county conservation officers. He worked with Central Wisconsin colleagues to introduce a standalone bill that would dedicate $10 million toward fighting nitrate-polluted wells, and he successfully launched a hydrologic study of the Central Sands region. By working together and bringing all groups to the table, Patrick is at the forefront of protecting our water.

Strengthening Rural Infrastructure

Our roads and highways are important – and that includes the farm-to-market roads that are too often overlooked by Madison. Patrick has supported increased investment in our roads and highways, including a $90 million increase for local roads.
Patrick also understands that 21st century infrastructure includes more that just roads. A connection to broadband internet ensures that people in rural areas have access to the same opportunities that urban people do. Schools, businesses, and hospitals all need strong connections, and Patrick has been one of the principle advocates for broadband in the legislature. He authored a then-record increase for broadband expansion grant funding that was included in the 2017 budget, and supported the 2019 budget’s record increase. Patrick is committed to using technology to bridge the rural/urban gap, and to making Wisconsin a leader in this area.

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