For Immediate Release: Thursday, November 3, 2016
Contact: Patrick Testin, 715-297-2043

Testin for Senate Launches Ad, “Raise the Bar”

(Stevens Point, WI) — Testin for Senate launched a new video ad Wednesday, called “Raise the Bar.”

The ad, which you can watch at his website, features Patrick Testin, candidate for the 24th Senate District, at the gym he attends, where he talks about working hard to get ahead. He says, “Growing up in small town Wisconsin, I learned to work: In factories, lumberyards, loading docks, and bussing tables, alongside too many who’ve been left behind.”

He continues, “We’ve been weighed down by 18 years of the same failed leadership. But together we can lift our communities back up.”

“I’m Patrick Testin, and I’m running for State Senate to pull in new job opportunities and push for better education for our kids. We can do great things when we raise the bar in Madison,” he concludes.

The ad will appear across the 24th Senate District through Election Day.

Testin is a 28 year old sales representative, taxpayer, and homeowner who lives in the Town of Hull. He is running against incumbent Julie Lassa who has been in Madison since 1998.

Watch the ad:


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